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Our LocationHead office: Gesundbrunnen 7 37079 Göttingen Germany


Tuition fees per semester in euro: None

Semester contribution:

Fees between 95-350 EUR per semester. The fees include a prepaid semester ticket that entitles students to use regional trains and city buses in Germany free of charge. Students of the Universities receive discounts for cultural events. Meals and drinks are also available at reduced prices at all university canteens.

Costs of living in Germany

The average cost of living in Germany is modest compared to other major university cities in Europe, America, Canada and Australia. Currently, expenses for accommodation, food, health insurance and books vary from city to city in Germany. Please note that fees for health insurance may vary according to age.

Funding opportunities within the universities: Yes (details will be given upon inquiry)

Cost of our services

The cost of employing the services of Gaalogistics is 550€. In addition to this amount is a non-refundable sum of 100€. The total amount is 650€.


Gaalogistics bears the loss of all application failures. The sum of 550€ will be refunded upon request by the client when we fail to deliver on our promises. Our job is to make sure that we keep our word.