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Master’s and Doctorate students can receive scholarship.
The scholarships are awarded either by our partner Universities, German government, private organisations, NGOs or Churches. These scholarship bodies are looking for applications from prospective students from developing countries who have either excellent academic record or share in their political or religious ideologies and beliefs and are interested in studying in Germany.
One scholarship organisation has scholarship for applicants seeking for a bachelor’s degree admission. (Contact us for more info)
Some other scholarship opportunities also exist for applicants seeking for a bachelor’s degree. But these offers are only available when the student must have started his/her studies already in Germany.
The scholarships give students the opportunity to study for a higher degree and to enhance their academic knowledge, while developing professional skills and acquiring international and intercultural competencies.
The scholarships are awarded to students with an outstanding academic record, who are actively engaged in intercultural work, voluntary Social works, religious/pastoral works. Preference is given to applicants, who without a scholarship would not be able to study. For more information on how and when to apply, kindly contact us.